C3 CL Device for Caster-Lift carts


C3 CL Device

The C3 Caster-Lift Device, or C3 CL Device, is a lengthened version of the C3 Device and is designed for Caster-Lift shopping carts which need to be pushed backwards when nested in a line. Caster-lift carts are designed so that the non-pivoting wheels are lifted off the ground when another cart is nested into them. Companies that use them include Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and many Target locations. The C3 CL has the length to accommodate 10 Extra-Large Carts. Make shopping cart retrieval easier, safer, faster!

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C3 CL Device

The C3 CL is a lengthened version of the C3 Device DESIGNED FOR PUSHING 10 EXTRA LARGE CASTER-LIFT SHOPPING CARTS IN BACKWARDS. Make shopping cart retrieval easier, safer, faster!

To maintain control, tighten the C3 CL Device only enough to keep the carts nested and push them in backwards. Be careful not to overtighten the C3 CL Device with caster-lift carts as they may tend to drift sideways if the end wheels are lifted off the ground.

 C3 CL Device Features

• Usable length of 11’1″, enough to accommodate 10 of the largest, club style, caster-lift shopping carts in the industry.

• Custom zinc plated metal S-hooks with a durable high-quality Permaprene over-mold.

• Robust 3/8” glass-filled nylon ratchet and handle.

• Cordage 100% made in the USA.

• The proprietary military-spec, zero stretch cordage of all C3 Devices is waterproof, UV resistant and features a patented neo-tech braid and solid poly core for superior abrasion resistance and durability.

• Redesigned ratchet release lever with comfort grip for increased durability and ease of use.

• Proudly assembled in the USA from quality components.

• Ships individually packaged with instructions.

• Available in blue, red and orange.

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Blue, Red, Orange

Weight and Dimensions

Weight: 1.45 lbs.
Usable length: 11’1″, enough to accommodate 10 extra-large club style, caster-lift shopping carts.
Bagged Dimensions: 10” X 6” X 3”.


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