C3-4K9 Doubler


C3 4K9 Doubler

The C3 4K9 Doubler component allows you to turn your single C3 4K9 leash into a double leash. Instead of buying a whole new leash, just get an extension and doubler. Loop both extensions through the doubler ring, then loop the doubler into your handle. Want to walk three dogs? Just add another extension to your shopping cart. The ring on the doubler can accommodate up to three extensions, but don’t call it a tripler.


  • Doubler ring can accommodate up to three extensions
  • Walk multiple dogs tangle free thanks to incorporated swivel-nut
  • Patented neo-tech braid and solid poly core for superb abrasion resistance and durability
  • UV resistant
  • High-quality bronze hardware
  • lifetime warranty
  • modular components
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Here at C3 LLC, dogs are some of our favorite people . . .

Shortly after they adopted Vela, their beloved Italian Greyhound, Kassie and Jay, the owners of C3 LLC, started making custom dog leashes from the ultra-durable American made cordage that goes into every C3 Device. They came to realize it was a great way to repurpose the high-quality cordage pieces that were too short to be integrated in C3 Devices. They also found that cordage that had a previous life as a C3 Device could be laundered and repurposed in C3-4K9 leashes.

In the interest of reducing waste and bringing joy to dogs and their humans, the innovative C3-4K9 dog leash was born. Durable, comfortable, and modular, the C3 4K9 "forever leash" lets you focus on bonding with your best friend, not when you’ll need your next leash.



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