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Ordering Info

How many can I order?

There is no minimum or maximum quantity on orders with your immediate payment. But keep in mind that C3 LLC is happy to offer pricing discounts on bulk orders.

Can I order International?

Yes. International shipping rates apply. Interested in being a distributor? Please contact us directly.

General Product Info

How many shopping carts can I push with the C3 Device?

The C3 ST (Standard) Device is designed to accommodate up to 9-10 standard-size shopping carts. On average, we recommend using the C3 Safety Rope with a maximum of 8 carts, though for some carts, 10 may be acceptable.
Note: We recommend each company develop its own policy regarding the number of shopping carts to allow a cart attendant to push when using and when not using the C3 Device. We strongly recommend that these limits be created in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Why should I use the C3 Device when I can push more than 8-10 carts without it?

For most people, pushing and turning more than 5 or 6 carts without the C3 Safety Rope puts a cart attendant at risk for lower-back and soft-tissue injuries. While some attendants may be physically capable of pushing more than 8–10 carts without the C3 Device, it is virtually impossible to make sudden stops and control that many safely.
In addition, flat-spots on non-pivoting casters occur from scraping wheels laterally along the ground when not using the C3 Device. The C3 Device also makes it easier to quickly navigate corners, safely push carts within close proximity of guests and push a full line of carts right inside the building. When used properly, there is always a safe productivity increase with the C3 Device.

Does the C3 Device work on different style shopping carts?

Yes. The C3 Device works well on a wide variety of shopping carts—metal or plastic. Once attached, the C3 Device will keep any style shopping cart together and allow the cart attendant to use both hands to maneuver the line of carts. However, the caster-lifting action works best on standard single basket style shopping carts.

Is the C3 Device necessary for caster-lift style shopping carts?

The C3 Device works well for keeping caster-lift shopping carts together. However, the attendant need only tighten the ratchet with minimum force—just enough to keep the carts together. The advantage is that it allows the cart attendant to use both hands to maneuver the line of carts and even push them from the side. This is important since great care needs to be taken when pushing a line of caster-lift shopping carts, or carts where all four wheels pivot as they have a tendency to drift sideways

C3 Caster-Lift Shopping Cart Safety Rope Specs

Where is the C3 Safety Rope made?

All major components including the rope and ratchet body are made in the USA and the C3 Safety Rope is assembled and packaged in Minneapolis, MN. (The aluminum ferrules are made in Sweden; the handle is designed in the USA, made in China. The quick-link and bronze snap hook for the C3 HS are currently made in China and Malaysia respectively.)

What is the C3 Device made of?

The ratchet body and handle are made of Nylon 6 with 15% glass fiber. The rope is a military spec, solid-core polyester chosen for its strength, low stretch, abrasion resistance and durability.

How strong is the C3 Device?

For its application, the C3 Device is more than strong enough. The ratchet and standard hook has a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 250 lbs. with a breaking limit of 3X this amount. The rope has a WLL of 450 lbs. The quick-links on the C3 HS have a WLL of 880 lbs. and the bronze snaps on each end have a WLL of 180 lbs.

Warranty and Life Expectancy Info

How long will the C3 Safety Rope last?

With proper care and use, the product should provide 6 months of continuous use at a location with average volume. It’s possible your C3 Device could last up to 2 years for a single owner depending on use and care. The best way to extend the life of the product is to avoid dragging and dropping it in the parking lot and to always ease tension when removing the C3 Device:
To remove the C3 ST Device, ease tension—gently lift up on the handle of the cart you push—while simultaneously engaging the release clip.

IMPORTANT: Use only your thumb or the release-assist device (attached to the C3 ST Safety Rope handle) to pull the release clip.

What is the warranty?

C3 LLC will warrant our products to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to the original owner only. Warranty does not cover damage caused by alterations, misuse, abuse or use contrary to C3 LLC’s specifications or instructions. C3 LLC will make no other warranty expressed or implied.

What is not covered under warranty?

We assemble the complete line of C3 Devices in Minneapolis, MN, and we’re proud of our quality craftsmanship. However, normal wear and tear, as well as misuse and abuse, are not covered under warranty. In addition, C3 LLC does not warranty release levers.