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We’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers while protecting the health of our employees throughout these challenging times.

Our patented C3 Devices make one of the most difficult jobs in retail easier, safer and more efficient. No matter your age, strength or size, you will benefit from the ergonomic features of this elegant solution.

1. Extend the useful life of non-pivoting shopping cart wheels. 2. Safeguard property and valued guests from runaway carts. 3. Save time and save your back! . . . Safely and efficiently manage the parking lot with the C3 System.

The C3 System for Complete Cart Control

Feature Article in Produce Show Daily for FMI Connect 2015, 6/09/2015

Necessity Is the Mother of All Invention: The C3 Device For Complete Cart Control

A typical supermarket must retrieve over 5000 shopping carts from the parking lot each week—and that’s if only 33% of customers use a cart.*

Unfortunately, cart attendants routinely injure themselves from the physical strain of pushing and especially turning a heavy line of shopping carts. Also, shopping carts routinely get away from attendants, occasionally striking cars or people.

The C3 Device for Front-end Operations

The patented C3 Device is an elegant, innovative solution to serious issues associated with shopping cart retrieval, which is: labor-intensive, physically demanding and hazardous to property and guests. The C3 Device was developed with the cart attendant in mind, to make their job: easier, safer, more productive.

The Benefits of the C3 Device

The patented C3 Device has become an industry standard among the nation’s leading grocers and retailers thanks to its compelling benefits:

  1. It reduces costly wear-and-tear on non-pivoting casters (flat spots created by scraping a line of casters laterally while maneuvering them).
  2. It increases productivity—thanks to reduced fatigue and the fact that more carts can safely be retrieved per trip.
  3. It reduces the likelihood that an employee will sustain a strain-induced injury from pushing a line of carts.
  4. It reduces company costs related to runaway shopping carts.

Photo description: Due to the ergonomic benefits of lifting some of the non-pivoting cart casters, maneuvering 8 shopping carts with the C3 Device usually requires less force than 5 without.

Visit C3 LLC at booth 2719—west of the FMI Member Lounge—for more information and to try the C3 Safety Rope today.

*Based on 2013 FMI Supermarket Facts: A median weekly sales of $482,160 per supermarket with an average of $30.62 in sales per transaction.

Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention: The C3 Device For Complete Cart Control

The C3 Device came about out of a simple need: To keep retail parking lots clear of unused shopping carts and return them to the store as safely and efficiently as possible.  The C3 Device was developed to make shopping cart retrieval easier, safer and more productive.

The C3 Device For Risk Management

Shopping cart retrieval is labor-intensive, physically demanding, and not without certain risks; accidents can and do happen.  For example, cart attendants have been known to hurt themselves from the physical strain of trying to push and especially turn a heavy line of shopping carts.  It is also not uncommon for shopping carts to get away from the attendant, potentially striking a car, or even worse, a valued guest.  For these very reasons, we developed the C3 Device.

The Benefitsshopping-cart-retrieval

The patented C3 Device accomplishes three main things:

  1. The C3 Device makes the cart attendant more productive, (i.e. able to return more shopping carts safely and efficiently,) while reducing the human strain associated with pushing and especially turning a line of shopping carts.
  2. It reduces costly wear-and-tear on non-pivoting casters.
  3. The C3 Device puts the cart attendant in complete control of a line of shopping carts, thus greatly reducing the likelihood that a cart will get away from them, potentially striking a person or property.

Try the C3 Device Risk Freeshopping-cart-safety-rope

The C3 Device was developed to make shopping cart retrieval easier, safer and more productive.  It was created to give retail operators piece of mind, all the while protecting the employee, the guest, and valued property.  Finally, the C3 Device is simple, safe, and cost effective. For these very reasons, the C3 Device has become and Industry Standard among the nation’s leading grocers and retailers. Why not try the C3 Device for yourself risk free today?