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We’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers while protecting the health of our employees throughout these challenging times.

Our patented C3 Devices make one of the most difficult jobs in retail easier, safer and more efficient. No matter your age, strength or size, you will benefit from the ergonomic features of this elegant solution.

1. Extend the useful life of non-pivoting shopping cart wheels. 2. Safeguard property and valued guests from runaway carts. 3. Save time and save your back! . . . Safely and efficiently manage the parking lot with the C3 System.

The C3 System for Complete Cart Control

C3 = “Complete Cart Control.”

We are the creators of the multi-patented C3 (Complete Cart Control) System.

C3 LLC is family-owned and operated in Minneapolis, MN.

We make the jobs of people who work in front-end operations easier, safer, more productive.

Our Mission

C3 LLC is driven to empower and care for our people while providing our clients with tools to empower and care for theirs.

The original safety solutions and designs of C3 LLC are based on three principles: simplicity, durability, and value.

What our clients are saying

“The C3 Safety Rope allows anyone, regardless of physical ability to retrieve shopping carts. This is particularly important for new seasonal spring employees—when there are more employees, there is more risk of injury.”

–Josh Smith, District Manager at Lowe’s

“I would typically strap 10 carts together for each push. The item helped a lot, made my life easier. It certainly helped keep the carts under control, especially when I would reach the lobby are where people were walking out as I was pushing carts in.”

–W. Colon, front-end associate for Kroger

“I shopped at Giant Eagle and noticed the service clerk using it. I thought this would be something great for my son to use collecting carts at Meijer. They are currently using a rope and I thought this would keep my son from getting a hernia or back injury.”

J. Froman, father of a Meijer cart associate

I’m with Meijer, currently we’re using a very difficult rope system that’s putting strain on my back. My address is [XXXX], Cincinnati, OH 45248. I would love to help you with feedback and also convince my store to start using them!

Ethan, Meijer cart associate