Introducing Vela and the C3-4K9 line of dog leashes!

Written by Justin Grimes


September 13, 2022

Meet Vela, the official mascot of C3 LLC and the inspiration behind our new C3-4K9 line of durable, modular dog leashes.

Vela is pictured here between piles of U.S. made cordage left over from the manufacture of C3 (Complete Cart Control) Devices, an elegant solution for shopping cart retrieval and the core business of C3 LLC.

Wait—why dog leashes from a company that specializes in devices for shopping cart retrieval? Actually, it’s a perfect fit.

You see, C3 Devices are built with abrasion-resistant cordage that’s made exclusively for us. Every time we change spools of rope, we end up with scraps that are too short to be used for our flagship product. We hated the idea of this perfectly good material ending up in a landfill. That kind of waste just wasn’t consistent with our values. So, we decided to give this incredibly durable cordage a second chance at life—just as we’ve done with our two Italian greyhounds, Vela and Figgy.

WARNING: Cold hearted and/or “cats only” people might as well stop reading now because this is where the origin story of C3-4K9 gets even cuter . . .

C3 LLC, “reining carts and dogs” since 2009

Three years after Kassie and I got married, we adopted Vela from the Minnesota Chapter of the Minnesota Chapter of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Society on April 20th, 2013.

A little more than three years after that, on August 26, 2016, we rescued a second Italian Greyhound, a sweet and yet exceedingly timid creature named Figgy. (a.k.a. “Figgy the Iggy”).

We adopted Figgy from Secondhand Hounds, the organization that saved the adorable creature by purchasing her at auction from a Missouri puppy mill. Vela originally hails from Indiana and was adopted through the Minnesota Chapter of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Society. We strongly encourage anyone looking for a pet to seek dogs from adoption agencies and responsible breeders.

Shortly after we adopted Vela, we started making custom dog leashes as gifts for friends, neighbors, and family. We even sold a few at promotional events with 100% of the proceeds benefitting local dog charities.

It turned out that the dogs—and their humans—adored these leashes, most of which are still in use today. We believe every dog deserves a forever home and a forever leash. And so was born the C3-4K9 “4-Ever” leash. Turning some of our cordage into premium dog leashes was a perfect way for us to reduce waste, contain costs and even produce some additional revenue.

Vela and Figgy love walks in their “Nordeast” Minneapolis neighborhood with their early custom C3-4K9 4-Ever Leash.

Each 4-Ever leash is made by hand from the same durable U.S.-made cordage that goes into every C3 Device. We use repurposed rope whenever possible. Brass hardware is secured with an industrial strength bond using C3’s own Swedish-made presses.

Each C3-4K9’s unique, “loop-and-ring,” design means that no component is ever wasted and that the leash can grow and adapt as needed.

You can start out with an ideal 4-foot length for a puppy, then use the same handle and attach a longer extension piece to make a standard 6 feet leash when your dog is full grown. And the brass ring makes it easy to hitch your dog to a post or attach a baggy holder or other item with a carabiner.

Adopt a second dog? Just buy a C3-4K9 “Doubler” and Ring Assembly and you’ve got a custom double leash.

The unique “loop and ring” design of C3-4K9 leashes allows you to purchase them fully assembled or create your own for growing pups and “wolf packs.” Professional dog walkers rejoice!

We believe the 4-Ever Leash is the finest money can buy and we challenge anyone to show us superior quality and craftmanship in a dog leash. In fact, we’re offering it with something you won’t find with another leash—a lifetime guarantee. Just send us a component that’s broken for any reason and the team at C3 will repair or replace it for free.

With a dedication to quality and sustainability and in the interest of fostering an unbreakable bond between dogs and their humans, we’re confident that the C3-4K9 4-Ever Leash is one of the best ways to “stay connected” with your best friend.

5% of all profits from products made by C3-4K9 benefit independently run dog charities. Interested in learning how your favorite local dog charity or adoption agency might participate? E-mail for more information. 

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