We’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers while protecting the health of our employees throughout these challenging times.

Our patented C3 Devices make one of the most difficult jobs in retail easier, safer and more efficient. No matter your age, strength or size, you will benefit from the ergonomic features of this elegant solution.

1. Extend the useful life of non-pivoting shopping cart wheels. 2. Safeguard property and valued guests from runaway carts. 3. Save time and save your back! . . . Safely and efficiently manage the parking lot with the C3 System.

The C3 System for Complete Cart Control

The C3 System Makes Cart Retrieval Easier, Safer, and Faster.

The C3 Safety Rope allows anyone–regardless of physical ability–to retrieve shopping carts.

Just previous to the C3 Safety Rope being used at the store, an employee tweaked his wrist
while retrieving shopping carts and is now on ‘light duty.’ Now that the store is using the C3
Safety Rope, even on light duty he can work in the parking lot because he is able to bring a
line of carts in with one hand.

–Josh Smith, District Manager