About C3 LLC

Founded in a garage in 2009, we are the creators of the patented line of US made C3 Caster-lift Shopping Cart Safety Ropes—now standard practice among the world's leading grocers and retailers.

We help make the jobs of people who work in front-end operations easier, safer and more productive.

How Can We Help You?

The success of C3 LLC as a vendor partner is the time-honored outcome of listening, anticipating and adapting to our clients' needs.

Our Mission

The mission of C3 LLC is to empower and care for our people while providing our clients with tools to empower and care for theirs.

Your Solution

The original safety solutions and designs of C3 LLC are based on three principles: simplicity, durability and value.

I shopped at Giant Eagle and noticed the service clerk using it.

I thought this would be something great for my son to use collecting carts at Meijer. They are currently using a rope and I thought this would keep my son from getting a hernia or back injury. I would be using my personal credit card. Please e-mail me the cost. Thank you.


J. Froman
concerned father of a cart associate

I would typically strap 10 carts together for each push.

The item helped a lot, made my life easier. It certainly helped keep the carts under control, especially when I would reach the lobby are where people were walking out as I was pushing carts in.

W. Colon
front-end associate for Kroger

This makes my job so much easier.

If ever you want to make a commercial please keep me in mind. I want people to know how great this product is.

C. Magee
cart-associate for Tops Markets

Thank you very much on behalf of the whole Price Chopper Watervilet store.

We thank you very much for the 2 cart belts. It definitely makes life easier. It’s been a huge difference since it broke and we thank you again for the 2 you are sending us.

B. Wilcox
Front End Supervisor for Price Chopper

The C3 [Safety Rope] makes the turning and controlling of the carts so much easier.

You are able to stop them a lot easier also. Thank you for making a great product that helps with something that has been needed for a long time.

Kay Kashanipour
Lead Customer Service Manager at Harmons Grocery